Deer hunting trips are regulated through strict legislation all across the United States. Pure Outdoor Alliance makes it a rule to follow through with all regulations to ensure a smooth process in so far as the trips and your experience is concerned.

Our affordable whitetail hunting trip packages are designed in light of all laws governing the rules of hunting as well as our own rules that you must abide-by for the duration of these trips.

In order to offer any clarifications regarding rules and regulations regarding our guided hunting trips, details of lodging and facilities, payment methods and refund policies, we have made a list of frequently asked questions below. Please feel free to contact us in with any questions.

All Pure Outdoor Alliance rules apply to hunts on all Pure Outdoor Alliance properties. Pure Outdoor Alliance is proud to practice quality deer management (QDM) principles on all our hunt areas and expects our hunters to abide by and support these practices. Our buck harvest restrictions require a hunter to harvest a mature buck with an antler spread of at least 16” (typical of a rack that is outside the animal’s ears) and at least eight points. This restriction is not in effect for first time harvests. Each hunter is limited to 1 harvest per 5 day hunt.

Pure Outdoor Alliance stresses safety and requires all hunters to abide by our safe hunting standards during their hunt.

The possession and/or use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited. If anyone is found to be in possession of drugs or under the influence, your hunt will be terminated and you will be asked to leave immediately. No alcohol shall be consumed during the days hunt. Alcoholic beverages are allowed in camp after the days hunt. Alcohol must be purchased by the hunter prior to arriving in camp.

Always wear a safety harness, know your skill and personal limitations while in the field. Hunters are not allowed to move, rearrange, alter or modify any tree stand or blind, any violation of these rules will terminate the hunt.

All our locations are ARCHERY ONLY. No firearms of any kind are allowed on any of the properties. No pets of any kind are allowed on any of the properties.

Its each individual’s responsibility to be aware of the laws in each state they are visiting us in. DNR links are provided to help with license and permit fees as well as any information you may need to know about each states rules and regulations. Archery Licenses and Permits are available at many locations over the counter in all states.          Examples: Wal-Mart, Farm & Home Supply and Bass Pro.

All participants must be 18 years of age or accompanied by a parent or guardian. Upon arrival all documents will be reviewed, Licenses and Permits will be checked for accuracy. Equipment will be inspected for damage and accuracy (Bows, Crossbows, Harnesses etc.)

Crossbows will only be permitted for Novice and/or persons with Disabilities, that prevent the use of conventional Archery Equipment.

We want our hunters to have a “quality” experience during their visit and these rules are in place to ensure that for everyone. Should you have any questions about our practices and policies please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please contact us for details.

Each hunter may bring one Non-Hunting companion (21yrs or older) for an additional fee of $250.00. Space is limited, so Non-Hunting companions will be sharing the hunters sleeping accommodations         (1 queen bed).

Pure Outdoor Alliance offers:

  • Lodge/Cabin including bathroom, shower, towels and washcloths
  • Laundry Washer and Dryer
  • Kitchen Stove, Microwave, Sink, Dishes, Pots and Pans, Utensils.
  • Queen beds and bedding
  • Common area to relax, TV with DVD/Blue Ray player, Basic Cable, Internet (WI-FI)
  • Firepit outside and Gas Grill

Most items offered on our web store are also available at each location to be purchased.

Just about anything you may have forgotten or need, maybe even a few things you don’t need as well.

As of 2018 each location will be reworked with all brand-new Rivers Edge tree stands strategically placed, along with several brand new Barronett OX5 Blinds and a handful of brand new hard side blinds.

All our food plots will be reworked and planted in POA Select Seeds.

All properties will have one mock scrape and one brand new trail camera installed per every 10 acres on average.

To confirm your booking, a 50% deposit is required. Final payments are due 30 days prior to the hunt start date. If payment in full is not made by this date your hunt dates will not be held. Hunters will not receive a refund of deposit. This gives us the opportunity to find another hunter to fill the opening.

No refunds will be made for canceled hunts for any reason. No rate reductions or extra days will be given if hunter leaves before the conclusion of the hunt or if they fail to arrive on prearranged dates. We recommend you purchase trip cancellation insurance in the event you are unable to make your trip due to work, injury, illness or death. Refunds are not granted for weather delays, season closures. View links for travel insurance.

Licenses & permits for hunting are not transferable to another person according to Illinois law. LICENSE & PERMIT FEES ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE HUNT.

PayPal is accepted for all payments, as well as all major credit cards. Final payments are due 30 days prior to the hunt start date.

Pure Outdoor Alliance accepts no responsibility for the loss or damage to your personal gear. You may wish to insure your valuable equipment against breakage or loss during your hunt. Our website and social media sites all contain pictures of the most recent Trail Cam photos and harvests. All our hunts are for wild free ranging animals which can be affected by weather, wild fire, area closures, distribution shifts or movement, disease and population fluctuations. Pure Outdoor Alliance does not guarantee or promise you will harvest a trophy or any animal during your hunt.

The weather can and will have a profound effect on your hunting experience, sometimes in a negative manner. Please be advised, we have no control over the weather. No extra hunting days or refunds will be given to lost hunting opportunity, area closures or season closures. Any additional cost for motels, and travel expenses etc. under these circumstances is not the responsibility of Pure Outdoor Alliance.

We guarantee to provide you with experienced, knowledgeable, properly equipped property managers. We will treat you with respect and dignity and engage in ethical, fair chase hunting methods. Our guarantee cannot extend to weather conditions, maintenance of your equipment, control over animal behavior, your physical condition, shooting ability and eye sight, emergency and area closures. We are a hard-working honest group that takes pride in the management of our properties.