The Advantages of Hunting Food Plots

The Advantages of Hunting Food Plots

If you’re just stepping into the world of hunting, you might be a bit confused about the mention of food plots in hunting. So let’s clear up this dilemma first.

Here’s the gist on food plots, why they’re essential and the role they play in hunting deer:

What are Food Plots?

Food plots are basically areas that are planted with food for wildlife. These plots of land are quite small in size, and are used to lure deer and other game animals. Although considered baiting, if the deer were to ingest the food grown on the land, that area isn’t considered bait, but a food plot.

The Benefit of Food Plots in Hunting Deer

With the above definition, you can generally guess how the plot is used to hunt deer.

Typically, the area is planted with enough food so that the deer can make their way out. This is usually done during winter when sustenance can be difficult to find. By offering a specific, controlled point of food, the hunter increases their chance of encountering deer.

While this is quite a worthwhile method of attracting a significant number of deer, it’s not all for the hunter’s benefit though. Such plots offer plenty of food for deer and other animals that are not being hunted. As such, you could say that by planting food plots, hunters actually help the deer population.

However, not all food plots are as beneficial.

There’s a certain method that goes into making food plots.

The Benefit of Food Plots in Hunting Deer

The Basics of Food Plots

There aren’t any concrete rules on food plots. However, it should be noted that large food plots are often considered quite wasteful, since deer usually stay close to the edges. In contrast, it’s much better to instead have multiple smaller plots than one giant plot. This’ll give you more acreage, which will in turn provide the deer with more food.

Also, when planting food plots, it’s better to choose a section of land that receives adequate sunlight, and has the potential for growth. Any areas near standing water or sandy soils should be avoided.

Want to Learn More?

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