5 Essential Whitetail Hunting Tips for Beginners

When it comes to the deer family, though you might not believe it, whitetails have the smallest and sometimes most evasive groups. If you’re going in to hunt whitetail deer, especially as a beginner, you want to be sure you’re preparing and going about the same in the right way.

Some of our less experienced readers might be wondering what if anything they could do in order to ensure a more successful deer hunt. If this is indeed the case, read on!

5 Essential Whitetail Hunting Tips for Beginners

Essential Whitetail Hunting Tips for Beginners

If you’re new to white tail deer hunting and are about to embark on your first or second whitetail deer hunting trip there are a few things that could really help make things go your way! Here are five solid whitetail hunting tips for beginners.

Read Up on Behavior

A good hunter knows exactly how the game he or she is after behaves. If you’re looking to hunt white tail, it helps to understand the nature and behavior of the animal. Gaining information on where whitetail may be found, what their travel routes are, where they feed and what eating habits they adhere to are just some of the things that can be looked into.

The better you know the animal you’re tracking, the easier it will be to do the same!

Be Clear on Your Gear

 Be Clear on Your Gear

Your hunting equipment from your bow and arrows to your skinning knife and rope is all very essential. Understand the kind of hunting gear you will require and go about selecting and stocking up on what you need.

Test the equipment that needs testing well in advance as you don’t want it malfunctioning or failing on you at the last minute. When you’re on a hunt, especially after whitetail, you want to be certain that everything is in working order.

Using Nature against Nature

Your bully or alpha animal, in this case, a whitetail buck is known to be highly confrontational. They aggressively defend territory and are generally less fearful than your average male whitetail. Such bucks are also confidently active at day. If you happen to locate such an animal, what you could do is, use a grunt/buck-call to get the animal to come out of the woods to defend its space. After that it’s a hit or miss!

Scent and Attractants

Deer have a keen sense of smell so you want to make sure you make an effort to mask your scent. You get products in the market that could help you with this. Further, deer are also attracted to the scent of other deer on heat so using attractants is also at times a useful tool in the whitetail hunting repertoire.

Just make sure you check out local hunting regulations as sometimes attractants might not be allowed.

Timing is Key


Hunting season does not mean you’re going to have whitetail deer running around from dawn to dusk. In actuality, for the most part, deer are best hunted at dawn and then a little before sunset.

Know what time to get out there and you won’t regret it!

Winding Down

These tips should give beginners a sense of how to go about prepping for and undertaking those early hunting trips! If you’re looking for affordable deer hunting trip packages, hunting gear and more in Minnesota, Illinois or Kentucky, swing by our main page and check out what we’ve got for you!


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