Choosing a Great Hunting Spot –Simplified!

Choosing a Great Hunting Spot

When it comes to hunting either big game or small, where you choose to position yourself is an important factor in determining the outcome. Both experienced and inexperienced hunters may sometimes struggle with finding the ideal hunting spots as there are numerous particulars that need to be accounted for.

Choosing a Great Hunting Spot

If you’re wondering what you need to look out for when trying to locate the ideal hunting spot, here are a few pointers to help direct you.

Animal Tracks

Following animal tracks and looking for signs that certain areas experience heavy animal traffic is one great way to start looking for a place to set up. Pay attention to anything that might indicate to the presence of animals; damaged vegetation, droppings and hoof tracks to name a few. If animals cross an area often, chances are they might again sooner than you think!



Food as well as larger water sources; are also great spots to set up nearby. This is because you can be certain that animals will come by in search of one or the other at some point in the day. Positioning yourself in locations like these again, increase your chances of spotting the game you are in wait of.

Poisonous Plants

Avoid setting up camp near or around harmful or poisonous plants. This is not just for your own personal safety. It is also because animals by instinct will avoid such vegetation which means your chances of sighting game will be drastically reduced.

Further, you don’t want to have to leave your hunt in half and bail out because you got injured by and had a reaction to a poisonous thorn!

Adequate Space

Yes it is important to be stealthy when hunting but at the same time you don’t want to pick a spot too cramped. You need a fair amount of space to store the hunting equipment you will be carrying with you. Further, shooting with a bow and arrow might require a little more than minimum available room.

Make sure you pick a spot that allows you adequate space to safely store your equipment as well as more than enough elbow room to allow you to take aim and shoot with ease when needed!

Wind Breaking and Speed

If you’re not hunting with attractants, breaking the wind so that you scent isn’t carried is something you might want to do. If this is the case, it helps to find a spot against a wind breaking surface. Further, you must remember that the wind speed will affect the direction your arrow flies is so find a spot where that doesn’t become a hindrance!

Winding Down

These tips should be good to get you started! The more you hunt the more you learn! If you’re located in Minnesota, Illinois or Kentucky and looking for affordable deer hunting trip packages, hunting gear and more visit our main page or give us a shout!

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